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The first time Mammarella cooked for her in-laws was shortly after she was married. Italia and her husband, Carmine, dined out every night the first few weeks of marriage, as most young lovers do. Having cooked nothing but cookies before becoming a wife, she was terrified at the prospect of preparing an entire dinner, especially since she had no recipes of her own. Based on memories of what her mother did, she cooked the same dish every night for a week until she got it just right. By the time her in-laws arrived for dinner, her husband had eaten the same meal seven days in a row. But the food was delicious!

Mammarella pasta sauces use organically grown tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, and olive oil because it's our belief that organic foods offer superior nutrition, are more flavorful, and most like foods fresh from the garden. We don't believe in taking shortcuts. Our tomatoes are steam peeled, the onions and garlic are sautéed before being added to other ingredients, and our basil is torn by hand. Each sauce offers color, texture, and exceptional flavor.